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AdWords is Googles advertising tool that allows you to promote your platform on both the Google Search engine and the Google Display network.

We both design and manage advertising campaigns for our clients with the aim of increasing their sales and resulting in the highest return possible for their investment (ROI)


Search Engine Optimisation (more commonly known as SEO) is a long term approach to online advertisement.
Businesses use an SEO approach to organically appear in the top results on search engines without paying services like AdWords. This can be a great approach for businesses who don’t compete in a saturated market.
  • Why Use Adwords?

    Google AdWords allows your businesses to advertise your website to show for specific ‘Key Words’ on their search engine. By using this AdWords, your website can be on Page 1 of Google at the click of a button.
  • How It Works (The Basics)

    AdWords can seem quite daunting and complexed to someone who hasn’t used it before, though once up and running, it is relatively simple and user-friendly. The basic concept of Adwords it that every time you advertise for a particular Keyword, in return you will receive a Page Rank. The Page Rank is calculated by how relevant your page is deemed to be in relation to the Keywords you have targeted. Your pages relevance is determined by the people who click on your ad and what actions they take: How long do they spend on your page? What actions do they take when on your page? Do they click links? etc. Google operates like an auction where your Page Rank is multiplied by your Bid (what you’re are willing to spend for a click on your site) therefore determining your position on Google. If your Page Rank multiplied by your Bid is higher than your competitors who are also advertising for that particular keyword, then you will appear higher than them for that search.
  • Attracting Potential Consumers

    AdWords provides you with the ability to promote your website for specific Key Words, allowing you to identify searches that potential clients are likely to make. With the addition of Geo-Location and the Language targeting tools, you have the ability to significantly narrow down your users to people who are more likely to become a consumer.
  • Budget For AdWords

    There is no such thing as a minimum budget on AdWords, you can spend as little or as much as you like. The concept of running an AdWords campaign is that if done properly the more you spend, the more money you will make. To run a successful AdWords Campaign it is essential is to constantly manage your campaigns, ensuring that they are working as you intended and you are seeing a positive return on your investment.
  • The Purpose Of SEO

    The purpose of SEO is to organically (no payment) appear at the top of Page 1 on Google when people are searching for your product of service. What makes this very difficult is that Google is constantly evolving and being No.1 on Google is just like being the No.1 tennis player in the world, one week you can be there and the next you might not.
  • Directing Traffic To You

    At Deka Studio we implement basic SEO into every website that we design so that they are friendly towards search engines like Google. If our clients want more traffic, usually we recommend to use an AdWords approach as the cost-benefit and ROI are usually higher. However for those looking specifically for in-depth SEO services, we also provide them.
  • Long-Term Approach

    SEO is a long-term approach that acts as a ‘blue chip’ in regards to online advertisement. With a relatively low initial investment but long-term approach, the risk grows the longer your ROI is negative. However if successful, an SEO approach can give exponential returns as it maintains the characteristic of a blue chip where once implemented successfully, it will operate profitably in both good times and bad.
  • Taking SEO Further

    For businesses who are interested in taking their SEO to the next level and desire a system that is capable of organically taking care of itself, we have the team and tools to do so. Attracting a significant amount of organic traffic to your website is not an easy feat and in turn takes time. The next and probably biggest challenge in creating a successful SEO campaign is then converting that traffic into paying customers.

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